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How to obtain the Panama work permit? All you need to know

In Panama it is very common to constantly find people looking dor job opportunities. The job options and conditions are great. Due to the potential that Panama has in this area, one of the most requested services in Panama Legal Business is the Panamanian working visa.

To acquire residence and the working visa in Panama is a dream of many. Therefore, Panama Legal Business we are at your service for your immigration matters in Panama.Dealing with the necessary procedures with the national migration service is one of our specialties. 

In addition, we are responsible for other processes related to the migration service en Panama, such as:

  • The work permit in Panama

  • Temporary visitor visa as a student

  • Visa under resolution of the Ministry of Labor

  • Permanent residence visa in friendly countries

  • Entry visa and multiple greetings

  • Processing of the work visa for foreigners

In Panleb we are specialized in services for immigration procedures in Panama

Panleb is a company with recognition throughout the Panama region, which we fulfill the role of advising our clients before the consulates and the National Migration Service to quarentee all their rights to power and request the working visa in Panama.

We have been performing immigration services in Panama for more than 10 years now, and during this period, we have earned the trust of our clients, providing them with the best possible migration experience.

Among the main characteristics of this firm that provides migration service in Panama are the commitment to the quality of its services, discipline and organization in its work, and also the guarantee of delivering the best results to its clients.

Thanks to our vast experience in this legal area, our clients are satisfied with all their immigrant procedures completed and with the peace of mind of being able to be in Panama without any problem."