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Trademark registration process: guide to registering an anonymous company

Panleb ofrece las mejores soluciones para el registro de marcas y patentes

An anonymous society is a type of company that share capital is not associated with a specific name. In this case, it can be freely divided among members of society, through negotiations and agreements.

It is very common for professionals who have the desire to open their own business in society to show an interest in joining this type of business model. For this, it is necessary to be able to count on a company that is specialized in the registration of a trademark.

The trademark registration process does not happen overnight. It takes an average of 14 months for all steps to be completed and for the business owner to have all the necessary documents in hand for his business to function within all requirements of the regulatory authorities of public services.

How to apply for a trademark registration in Panama?

Until a few years ago, there was a lot of bureaucracy to request a trademark registration process, nowadays everything is simpler thanks to technology. Panama Legal Business (also known as Panleb) is a company that works with this type of procedure and with the opening of anonymous society in its sector of administrative law. Our team of lawyers is fully capable and dedicated to resolving any type of issue regarding the opening of a business of any size in any sector.

Panleb stands out for having a virtual office in Panama. There, it is possible to send and receive requests for trademark registration, as well as the necessary documents. Through this service it is also possible to obtain the legalization of documents.

The company has more than ten years of experience in the area of ​​administrative law and its values ​​are supported by three fundamental pillars: commitment, delivery and discipline. With these as a guide, teams of lawyers conduct all legal processes for starting a business, as well as other matters related to obtaining visas, translations, intellectual property and procedures in the United States.